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  Improve - Event-Logs  

Event logs will be removed after 14 days...


We have changed the system to reduce the time events logs are kept in the game. this includes military and non-military event lots and others.


Non-military event logs > 14 days (Previously 1-3 months)
Military event logs > 14 days (Previously 1-3 months)
Player Private Messages > 31 days (Previously 1-3 months)
Federation Discussion Posts > 14 days (Previously 1-3 months)

How this will effect me

Private Messages (PM)
Previously we manually remove old PMs, this system will be automated therefore any PM more than 1 month old will be automatically removed. This is a reminder to all players to save any important PM into their Pc (copy n paste)

Who attacked me
Normall players will only check who attacked them within the last 1-3 days therefore in theory players should not be effected by this as the event logs will stay for up to 14 days.

Insurance claims
Normally whenever there is a server problems or bugs due to updates we will compensate all players for any losses they suffer term as `insurance`. In the event of insurance claims the player will have to submit their clams before 1 week or they may risk not being able to claim their insurance as once the event-logs have been removed then the admins will not be able to compensate the players. However given that most players will submit claims within 1-2 days period we do not forsee that this update will effect the game play in anyway

Why this update ?

A number of players have been pointing out to us that, there is a lot of unnessasary information especially really old and outdated information such as the event-logs (see above) This info is not being in used by anyone and is just taking up space on our server without doing anything much. After consideration and study we have found that to be true and have acted accordingly to change our maintenance system to be able to perform this task automatically.

After this update all our servers hould in theory operate at a faster speed with the exception of slight lag daily that happens at around 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm during server time as that is when the server will do maintenance in the background. This slight lag should not that notice-able as the automated maintenance system is program is such a way to run in the background

Most other games takes all their server offline for at least 5-24 hours a week to let the server run the maintenance (like removing junk) and we are glad to say that we are one of the very few online games that does not scheduled any downtime for any maintenance. The only time you`ll see any schedule
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99+ day(s) ago
I have another suggestion. How about an option that would let you look at exactly how a battle happened? This would help me see where I have to improve in defense.
99+ day(s) ago
save option for pm ? hmm... i can look into that...
99+ day(s) ago
Same here. luckily I still had the e-mailed copy. But if you had the option to save certain PMs or mark them as important, to keep it from getting deleted, that wouldn`t have happened.
99+ day(s) ago
cont...again (sorry, I keep clicking on post when i try to scroll the box)

And let the old PMs that are unmarked and haven`t been saved, cycle threw in a shorter amount of time.
99+ day(s) ago
i didnt even know pms are deleted >.<....took me to lost a no.of paids coupon to realise that =/
99+ day(s) ago
except for the PMs that have been marked or saved that is...

It just seems to me that it would be a lot more stable and consistent if each player was limited to a certain amount of space space on the server to save the PMs they want to keep.
99+ day(s) ago
31 days for PMs? Wow thats a lot more than I thought it would be. I cant imagine something important enough for me to go threw 31 days worth of PM`s to read again. If its something that important I`ll copy it in note pad.

Heres a sugestion. I dont know if it would actually help you or not since im not sure how much space pms are taking up on the server. However if there was a way we could save important PMs and store them in a seperate folder (with a set size limit) or mark them as Pending, Then I think it would be ok to delete old PM`s after 10 days.
Thats just an idea.
99+ day(s) ago
sorry for the misunderstanding i meant it as federation discussion. i`ll correct the post to reflect this
99+ day(s) ago
"However given that most players will submit claims within 1-2 days period we do not forsee that this update will effect the game play in anyway"

Yea, if you can ever get checked!
*currently has a week and a half old help request/bug report that is a top priority for being ignored*
99+ day(s) ago
artifact recipies may still be around within the General Forum. Filter the forum to look for posts by Jaxvier, then switch it to ones that are Archive. You may need to click the Simple Filter link in order to put the name in.
99+ day(s) ago
may I add, that Federation Forum Posts if you mean this is `discussion` should last a bit longer that just 14 days. yes most of post in many feds are just small talk, but some post, important ones, like NAP discusions, known artefact recepies (especialy since belials forum got canceled) are important to have even if older than a 20 days.

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