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Race & Ships rebalancing update

hi ya there , i know it has been sometime since we have last time a rebalancing update. so here it is again :)

update will take place tomorrow at 11:00 AM (2006-05-07), there will be no down time or anything of that sort.

New / Improved

o r.Monitor > new collective ship (defensive, looks more like a giant fodder)
o Market > Blackmarket , automatically lets you buy anything from the market at maximum price if there is no one selling it on the market, prevents starvation (where the market has been completely bought out by someone)
o Show number of ministers in ministers office, players dont need to manually count how many ministers they have
o New projects : will be added in within the next 1 week

  - Sabotage Center II : --No info just yet--
  - Goods extractor : Convert 4 raw material to 1 consumer good
  - Food extractor : Convert 14 raw material to 1 food
  - Carnival : Raw Material : Bonus to raw material production
  - Kalzul Upgrade System : Upgrade system level by +2
  - Minister`s Customize : --No info just yet--
  - Minister`s Large Office : Recruit up to 11 ministers


o Carnival bonus increased by 50% (from +200 to +300)
o Flank attack reduce from +100% to +90%
-10% Hull to Strafez Queen (a number of players complain about Queen spam)

-20% build cost to all Marauder d class ships
-10% build cost to all Marauder e class ships
-10% damage to t.Empereur, t.Hercules
-20% damage to t.Nirvana, all Terran p class
+30% build speed to all neutral light class ships
+15% build cost to neutral c class ships (mineral requirement increase)
+5% hull to t.Empereur, t.Hercules, t.Nirvana, all Terran p class, G.Lictor, all Marauder ships
+5% damage to k.Hun-Li, k.Hun-Xe

Marauder : +5% agriculture, +5% commercial
Collective : +5% commercial, +100% industry , +60% mining
Guardian : +70% to industry , +15% commercial
Viral : -5% tax , -5% agriculture
A.Miner : -5% tax , +5% mining
Terran : -5% agriculture , -5% tax

Caymans TimeBank (Change)

Poll results has shown that a majority of players do not like the current TimeBank, therefore we are updating the TimeBank according to the wishes of the majority of players.

TimeBank will now have a variable turn capacity holding basically : Daily = 2500, Hourly = 1500, RT = 500. This will help players climb up or down the rank with some limitation as there is a big difference between the maximum turns allowed for different game speed. For example 100 turns may not be much for Daily but is a lot for RT because of the large differences in the maximum turns between those two servers.

We understand that the TimeBank has bee
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99+ day(s) ago
oh yup how you get these projects or dont they exist anymore
99+ day(s) ago
has anybody seen my underwear
99+ day(s) ago
yes! terrans will rule the galaxy! (thanks for the updates, stephen.) :)

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