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  Mysterious Miner Attack  

Mysterious Miner Attack?!

Event Rules/Details - Part 2

The Event Empires will be spread out in power ranges
1 in high power (18bil for RT 9bil for Hourly daily)
1 in medium power (6bil for RT 4bil for Hourly/Daily)
1 in low power (1bil for all speeds)
1 passive account that refresh fleet in outpost
The empires will build out of dp at their respective powers (they will not use special ships)
Once out of dp and set at power they will not build fleet until they have been hit into damage protection but can alter fleet while out of damage protection
Since they came from A.miner race they are able to build G.livid (r) in fleet or outpost
All hits will be tallied and scored as follows:
0pts for a zero token hit
1pts for a 1 token hit
2pts for 2 token hit
3pts for 1 token +win
4pts for 2 token +win
The empires will continue to build back out of dp to their set powers for 3 hours.
Once the event is over the Top 10 empires with the highest point total will win prizes!!!!

EVENT Round 2 Winners :


kingpin`s 25 Pts
deadfromabove`s 20 Pts
aramaitii`s 8 Pts
horaclia2 6 Pts
ExarKun 4 Pts
MountainSlug` 2 Pts


RagEua 53
Evenflow 38
Blackhole 30
Galacticvengeance 29
ImNoPro 23
Blue 12
Swifter 10
shadowphoenix 10
Amol 9
Drumbeat 8


Darclight 42
Maynard 38
illusion 38
azmah 37
theqyschist 24
Deathmerchant 21
Meteorites 5
Kingpin 4
Sheogorath 4
Aktemujin 1

Event Part 2

The Arrival of the Terrans!

Galactic Defense Headquarters Urgent Warning Message

This is a*Highpriority* message from GalDef Headquarters Intelligence To all Empires. It is being broadcast across the galaxy on all frequencies.
All mysterious miner forces have been defeated and driven away from civilized sectors. Early intelligence reports indicated that many empires had a hand in forcing the miner pests to turn tail and flee in defeat. This is an impressive feat worthy of much celebration yet there is no time from that. It has just today come to the attention of GalDef intelligence that fu
... Click here to view entire Message
99+ day(s) ago
GW, all im saying is that even if u counted score with the battles guides gave u, you should be able to see you only got the hits on 2 of the 3 empires on all speeds, and that that is dodgy.
the guide(s) who didnt give u battles didnt disappear into thin air, so i dont get why u cant contact them to ask them to give u battles

also, you are an admin after all, cant u go into the accounts (the middle pr empire) and check those hits
99+ day(s) ago
it was a great event and we had great fun during it.me and kingpin had a wail of a time playing at mid pr on rt,but none of our scores were counted at all...why? we mained,won and grabbed loads of points.We knew we`d won something,didnt know where we`d come,but we knew we were in their coz of others telling us the hits on the dsr.According to othr players their scores are wrong on other speeds aswell.For future reference i dont mind helping out with these events,i know you guys have alot to do anyways,but the offers there if needed.
99+ day(s) ago
sorry but somebody`s messed up then m8.
99+ day(s) ago
The RT scores posted are what have been supplied and unless i am shown anything else they stand as such.

As for event continuing the final stage may well do but the remaining rounds wont be at the present time.
99+ day(s) ago
i still scored more than 8 points on rt,we were sat in wk`s uc convo when we were attacking,you know i scored more than 8 points kingpin,so does val and islander.Half the point of playing the event was the prizes and now all of a sudden they`ve "decided" to only count 2 out of 3 on all speeds...if they are going to move the goalposts at the last minute theres not much point in wasting turns and resources is there? unless somebody totally messed up the scoring or lost the actual figures for rt.
99+ day(s) ago
I reli reli reli hope event continues!
99+ day(s) ago
ok guys, the reason why the count is messed up is because they "decided" to only count points from 2 out of 3 of the event empires on all speeds
at least now i know why i got 0 points on rt instead of 25-30
99+ day(s) ago
goodwolf, all prizes? can i please get mine then?

Done.. sorry i missed you out :S

Edited by Goodwolf on 2011-04-09
99+ day(s) ago
thanks a lot.
99+ day(s) ago
scores do seem very low, ty anyway
99+ day(s) ago
i scored at least 10 points and kingpin got more than me.scores are wrong.
99+ day(s) ago
i dont understand,i attack miners and nothing
99+ day(s) ago
i personally took 2 wins at least and 2 no wins...i had 8 points in the first 2 hits lol
99+ day(s) ago
? there was only 3 of us hitting the mid pr range one.me kingpin and azmah.scores are wrong.
99+ day(s) ago
thanks for the event and the prizes :D
(even though no way I had 5 points :p)
99+ day(s) ago
thanks very much for the prizes :D
99+ day(s) ago
All prizes for round 2 have now been issued
99+ day(s) ago
for rt ?????
99+ day(s) ago
plegde i know and appreciate this fact. but there is a limit
99+ day(s) ago
I understand that Pledge, infact if you go to m las post on this thread 18 days ago i am sticking up for the admins, my main point is that the results have been known for ages by a few people. why weren`t they just sent to rage so he could catch n admin online. val had very good reason to be away, but a single pm would`ve helped this whole situation go faster