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Update will take place on 2007-02-11 1:00 PM (server time, or 1:00 AM EST)

We have been compiling statistical data from the game and a new way of data gathering, with this we believe we can further improve on the balance of the game regarding ships. Some minor changes include:

+ p.Apollo > +6% build rate (increased from 1,400 to 1,500)
+ t.Sentouki > +5% hull (increased from 500 to 530)
+ t.Garuda > +7% hull (increased from 1,750 to 1,900)
- t.Ryu-jin > -8% build rate (reduced from 13,500 to 12,500)
- p.Odin > -4% build rate (reduced from 430 to 410)
- p.Thor > -4% build rate (reduced from 50 to 48)
- t.Hercules > -2% hull (reduced from 85,000 to 83,000)

+ d.Hammerhead > +12% weapon (increased from 700 to 800)
+ d.Pike > +10% weapon (increased from 600 to 660)
+ e.Shark > +2% hull (increased from 7,875 to 8,100)
- d.Fallen > -3% weapon (reduced from 6000 to 5800)

Aspha Miner
+ M.Illite > +4% hull (increased from 355 to 370)
+ M.Alium > +5% hull (increased from 110 to 117)
- A.Aragonite > -10% weapon (reduced from 1100 to 1000)
- G.Lictor > -2% hull (reduced from 88,515 to 86,000)
+ s.Ranger > +10% scanner (increased from 1,000 to 1,100)

+ All neutral f class ships > +10% weapon
+ Light Frigate > +11% weapon (increased from 16 to 18)
- Small Strafez Fodder > +8% build cost (increased from 720 to 785)
- c.Cancer > -2% hull (reduced from 8,780 to 8,600)

+ g.Amethyst > +18% build rate (increased from 9 to 11)
+ g.Quartz > +4% hull (increased from 60,000 to 63,000)
+ g.Fluorite > +4% hull (increased from 120,000 to 125,000)
- k.Hun-Xe > -2% weapon (reduced from 8,190 to 8000)

+ r.Schooner > +4% weapon (increased from 160 to 165)

- v.Borrelly > -3% weapon (reduced from 55 to 53)

Adjustment on stacking

To further encourage stacking, we have increased the penalty for stack spamming (term used when someone is attacking using mainly 1 stack).

90% : 50%
80% : 40%
70% : 30%
60% : 26%
50% : 24%
40% : 22%

90% : 35%
80% : 28%
70% : 26%
60% : 24%
50% : 22%
40% : 20%

Although most players will not be using stack spamming anymore this adjustment of 80%+ for the 1st stack is done in hopes to increase the battle strategies, in which attackers can try to take out the lower stacks of the defender to force the defender to stack spam therefore the defender will suffer stack spam penalty.

Latest statistics prior to this change shows that there is 538 stack spam attacks out of 32,029 total attack, which calculates to 1.680%. Statistics is based on RT, 100 mil+ Pr, not including neutral ships. We are glad that the last few updates to encourage stacking seems to be working out pretty well and I would personally like to thank all the players who have contributed to made his a success, thank you ag
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99+ day(s) ago
could you up a.miner hull because i build big fleets to keep people with small fleets out plus the hull is half the rest of the races
99+ day(s) ago
hey when is the next ship balancing update ??
99+ day(s) ago
Thats all they have for virals man...
99+ day(s) ago
meh...the k class would be worth the research if the shield mods were back to normal, 50% for everything other than missile(35%).
99+ day(s) ago
oh no i thought it was hull nvm ..
99+ day(s) ago
for the k hun xe i think he meant 80000 not 8000...
99+ day(s) ago
Ankaar; I think stephen forgets that he`s driven away so many of the"registered players" and the ones that aren`t gone all together are tired of the updates and are sitting in VM
99+ day(s) ago
lol, stephen says that only 2-3% of players gave feedback to this thread, as there are over 100k players playing game

now, im curiosu, is there like 998,000 players hiddin somewhere that i cant see?
99+ day(s) ago
OdinsSpear: you might be able to make a case to get yourself an UnReverse Engineer, but refund for paid? probably not
99+ day(s) ago
yea thats not a bad idea.. in fact the gc sheilding system would be even better..

in gc several ships have 90% sheilds against certain weapon damage.... so basically you have to alter your stacks precisley to win against ppl
99+ day(s) ago
instead of just lowering the attack constantly to "balance" ships why not change the shield modifier so the hull and weapons stay the same but it only has say 15% against missles ( for example) instead of the normal 20-35% then the ship wouldn`t be "god like" since it would easily lose to ship with that weapon but would still be good against others
99+ day(s) ago
I like how players think they can speak for everyone and say that we all hate the update. Just because you dont see anyone posting that they like the update doesnt mean that everyone hates it. In fact i think the only people who really hate it are the few people making such a big deal about it in this thread. I personally like the update and i know that countless others (id venture to say the majority) like it or dont care one way or the other. These are minor changes anyway.
99+ day(s) ago
NightStalker the k class weapon reduction didnt affect much, who uses hun xe to do damage anyway? im currently using the arag and its still a great ship. odin why are you complaining so much? i know that you know how to stack, and well too, there shouldnt be any problem...
99+ day(s) ago
just read this:
Our guarantee & Refund Policy
We gurantee refunds for:-
1. Wrongful billing due to technical problems
2. You have made payment for the wrong coupon or item
3. Anyway you are unsatisfied with our game or service

does #3 mean that virals that spent money to be a paid race with certain ships avalible to them can get a refund since those ships are no longer what they were when purchased so in effect they paid for something that no longer exists ... and would have to pay more to undo them and pick different ones?
99+ day(s) ago
borrok I know you`re opinion but a lot of others seem to think this is a nerf ( especially the arg.) and you have to admit for the amount of research it takes the k.class is a total rip off

and i was mostly joking anyway ... I don`t get the impression that stephen is the type of person that cares what the players want he seems to just do what he does and figures everyone just has to deal with it.
99+ day(s) ago
they wernt nerfed, nerf is a big drop in stats, this was a minor change, they wont be brought back if your not building them out of spite.
99+ day(s) ago
so tworivers does that mean if we stop building K.class and args ( maybe even fallens) for a week they will be un-nerfed
99+ day(s) ago

To those complaining: Try using the new stats for 1 week or more, and use them accordingly. We balance ship using the statistical reports by the system. The game actually monitors every single person in the game, what ships they build, how many they keep, etc etc, and compiles this data for a week for us to cross reference with our current ship balancing formula and algorithms. Therefore if a ship is overpowered or underpowered it will show up in the report. If a ship has been over-nerfed, dont worry as it will register as such in our report, and we will compensate by increasing its powerful (if this is actually the case). This applies to race modifiers and other stats as well.
99+ day(s) ago
NightStalker thats because a lot of people just post on these to complain, so i defend it. im starting to think that everyones just complaining for the sake of it, these updates really havnt affected fighting, well it has, but in a positive way.
99+ day(s) ago
borrok no offence but from what I`ve read it looks like you`re the only one that thinks it`s nothing lol :)