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  Rebalancing results  

This is the result of the rebalancing updates in the past couple of weeks... success :)

hi, first and foremost i would like to share my thoughs with you. i personally understand that the most important part in any game is that the game must be balanced. this balance is extremely hard to achieve, it is like balancing a couple of footballs on the pointed edge of a pen. yes it is this hard to balance the game, i do personally feel that if a game is not balanced then it will strongly discourage players from playing the game, mainly because one ship or race is overly powerful compared to others.

balancing the game basically is based on comparing one race to another, to ensure that the game is hard but not impossible, easy yet not to the extend that it bores players. so remember this is comparing your race and ships with others on an overall. we use statistics and math to perform this balancing act, with the server compiling statistics based on 10,000 to 20,000 active players details from battles, what ships players build to research, assigned planets, income, cash reserves and tons others. this statistics does show us if there is a problem with a specific race, ship or not.

there have been number of balancing updates in Nov 2005 and Dec 2005, and i am happy to announce the results of those balancing results:

ship choice

ship choice shows the % of different ships used based on overall prefered ships in the entire game used by players calculated on percentage points. the bigger the %, the more different ships players use.

Note: before balancing -> after balancing

neutral ships choice : 33% -> 86%
terran ships choice : 22% -> 40%
aspha miner ships choice : 29% -> 60%
marauder ships choice : 21% -> 47%
guardian ships choice : 25% -> 55%

total players

Note: pp = percentage point value

this shows how attractive it is to play a specific race, the less attractive it is the less players will play it therefore the lower the pp. the pp also shows an estimate on how hard it is to play the race.

total aspha miner players : 350pp -> 406pp
total collective players : 198pp -> 203pp
total marauder players : 14pp -> 15pp (may still need to rebalance)
total viral players : 29pp -> 61pp (rebalance = successful)
total guardian players : 83pp -> 84pp (shows nerfing is done properly)

Whats next ?

there may be rebalancing updates in the future, and that may effect the following:
+ Commercial effects by system upgrades
+ Industry effects by system upgrades
+ Marauder income or - Marauder upkeep
+ Scanners for Collective ships

we are still monitoring the game, to see if this is required or not, and will post announcements in the future if we should do another rebalancing update.

i shall pe
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