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  Change - Empire Stimulus  

Empire Stimulus discussion

Important Notes
1. This has been requested by a number of players.
2. Post constructive comments. If you dont like the change explain with great detail and if possible some calculation/math behind it.
3. Please keep this discussion civil and related, changes may be made depending on this discussion
4. Immediate -2 days no turn if you are in anyway *uncivil, no appeals will be entertained

!!! Please keep discussion related to missions. Not related discussion will be removed.


This thread is created to discuss the empire stimulus project. Basically the issue is:
1. Increase bonus
2. Decrease bonus

Atm the bonus is +100% income/production.
Please post your comments & suggestion.
If possible provide some math/calculations to back up your suggestions

Please post only related topics here, for other topics:
Main discussion


Empire stimulus project has been activated

Edited by stephen on 2010-04-12
99+ day(s) ago
since this has been uploaded and activated for sometime, i am removing this thread from the sticky
99+ day(s) ago
wow tausigma still around?
I thought long-gone lol
99+ day(s) ago
Have to agree on being able to decide how many stored timewarps to use, i got a real shock when i clicked on "use stored timewarp" and got all 5, when i just wanted a few turns to re-build op
99+ day(s) ago
14hour(s) ago Buildrate buildrate buildrate buildrate buildrate
99+ day(s) ago
Did you say buildrate?
99+ day(s) ago
Buildrate buildrate buildrate buildrate buildrate
99+ day(s) ago
or u could go with increasing buildrate :P make it something like: for every 100 turns u put into the project, u can store 10 mins of +200% buildrate to use whenever u like up to a max of 1 hr (or 600 turns). for example, someone puts 300 turns into the project so it stores 30 mins of the increased buildrate. that buildrate can be used at ANY time the person chooses however, when the user activates the buildrate increase, he cant turn it off until all the time is exhausted or in this case, the full 30 mins is used. meaning he cant use only 10 mins and than turn it off and save the rest of the time
99+ day(s) ago
Photon, good question :)

mokyikiu, +150% instead of +100% ? hmm...

Darklord33, yep

one idea that has been floating around is to vary the stimulus effect. ex; rather than to have a +100%, different race (or even minister) might contribute to the bonus... this might make it more complicated though... anyhow its just an idea floating around...
99+ day(s) ago
What are you talking about moyk... thats exactly what the income should be... 2x-upkeep (so roughly 73x2=146 minus upkeep so 146-4=142...which is exactly what that shows). It also doubles food income as well I don`t see what problem either of you have with it...
99+ day(s) ago
@tommymicole that would be a bug. Stimulus also increase fleet upkeep. Fix it stephen.
99+ day(s) ago
Taxes 73,110,236,389
Commerce 17,737
Goods* 417,449,760

Fleet Upkeep 4,316,519,668

Profit / Lost + 69,211,184,218 ( this PL show in Balance sheet)

Normal Turn Used
1 turn(s) used Credit +69,199,317,074 Food -680,079,386

Project Stimulus Turn Used
1 turn(s) used Credit +142,309,571,199 Food -346,344,115

does it help in income? does it realy give 100%?
99+ day(s) ago
Fed bank has been brought up so many times and although I wish something got done towards that idea I doubt it will happen :(...
99+ day(s) ago
scorpios - fed bank GREAT IDEA !
99+ day(s) ago
scorpios ... since i started i never had a lord that would send me food xd, sure there was help from fed and some other players ( i`m not going to put names in here ... they know who they are . Thanks guys ! ) ... but i always tried to rely on my own economy which is not that hard ... so my point again ... econ is too easy, there is too much money in this game ...
anyway my point is - it is better to train people how to play than increase income ... although the latter is easier ...
the lords should better train new guys instead of filling them up every day ... maybe there could be some bounties for that ... or maybe bounties for the training feds ( there are guys here who really try to train ... they could be rewarded )
from one thing to another ... new guy starts the game, gets filled by lord, starts exploring like crazy. oh and starts selling those daily trills of food at 15 or less ... instead of learning how to fight and invest turns in infra.... sounds familiar guys ?
anyway ... i`d like to stress out - this is NOT a flame ... this is an opinion :)
99+ day(s) ago
I like empire stimulus project :) I can generate much needed income plus I can spend 99 turns with 1 click, instead of 9 turns for infra :D

@46khz, sure money is not an issue, economics is too easy blabla, but this is the case when you either have too many planets or rely to a lord/fedmates to feed you. Not all players can be fed or want to be fed by fatties. If it was up to me, I would cut transports to less than half, create a real market for artifacts and create a fedbank for credits/food/minerals with 30% tax for deposits. (credits for the the fedbank idea to a friend of mine).
I am afraid I am off-topic :p
99+ day(s) ago
46khz the problem with that is that nobody would ever get started in the game :S
99+ day(s) ago
stimulus would have been a very interesting and useful project if we were able to invest turns in it to charge 1 effect from + income or + buildrate. then when charged, the effect would be active for a certain period of time and would be in effect for the turns we use on whatever we want
99+ day(s) ago
i say leave it be. I am thinking that the new empires will benefit if they invest in it. the wholepoint of the stimulus is to add variety to the whole thing. leave it as it is and players can choose to use it or not. i plan to , just to vary my gaming routine.
99+ day(s) ago
i think there should be a new tech research that links with Empire Stimulus. so every time u research 1 it adds 5% more onto empire stimulus. this is almost like a minister that uses turns instead of money.
99+ day(s) ago
oh ... and if i could decide , i would decrease production by several times all across UC ... economics is too easy ... new players get flooded with food from first day by their ULTRA fat lords ... and planet holders have more income than their imagination allows them to spend ...
i would give players under 30-60 days the existing economics and would apply a penalty after that ...
but that`s only an opinion xd
thanks for all the new stuff nonetheless !!!