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  Forum & Help Center Died  

We have lost 6 days worth of posting

Important Notes

1. This is to keep you guys updated on whats happening.

2. Constructive comments: If u hate it, explain in detail and (if possible) calculation/math behind it, or say u dont like it

3. Keep this discussion related and civil

4. -1 days turn if your posts are in anyway *unrelated or *uncivil (sack if you are a guide/admin), no appeals will be entertained


Due to big mistake, the database the host all the data for the Forum and Help Center was corrupted.

Although we have backup, unfortunately we have lost 6 days worth of posting.

You will need to re-post any unanswered questions you might have if it is no longer there.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

We are currently trying to figure out how we can compensate all players for this inconvenience.


Firstly I would like to apologize for this huge problem. I was in the process of activating the new uc facelift on uc2 and must have updated the forum & help center instead effectively corrupting them. The forum database was corrupted to a point that I need to to delete the database itself and transfer an empty database template from gc. This is kinda like instead of having the file corrupted, the harddisk got corrupted and requires a format.

I know that I`ve promised everyone never to do any upload or update when I am extremely sleepy, tired or sick (during that time I accidentally corrupted all of GC). I would like to apologize for not keeping to that policy of mine, and perform an update when my mind isnt working at 100%

Edited by stephen on 2011-09-11
99+ day(s) ago
its all good Stephen :) we understand :)

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