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  Improve - New Projects...  

A couple of new projects is on the way...

Update: (2006-01-24 5:30 PM) Projects have been uploaded :)

Hey guys, i`ve recently been very busy working on new projects to add into UC. Some of this projects have been completely but have not been activated (figured out a way to give this to players). This has been mostly completed (except for maybe 1-2 more as i am still adjusting it) sometime last thursday and i am suppose to upload the new projects on the weekend. Sadly a number of things came up, mainly lots of paperwork. First of all there have been a mixup in the paperwork for our bank and it took a lot of time and number of phone calls to clear that up. The other thing is my car. My car was involved in an automobile accident. Someone ran a red light and crashed into me, so I am trying to claim insurance from the other guy to have my car fixed. All the paperwork should be settled by tomorrow 1-2 PM (server time), so I shall try to do an upload then.

I would like to appologize for this delay in uploading the new projects.

New feature: Findable `Special` or `Alien` class projects
You can now find `Special` or `Alien` class projects (see Findable:Yes in the project list below). Now I am not going to give a spoiler here but the game will inform you if you have found the trail. You will need to find 3 keys from 3 ruins. The location of the ruins is currently kept a secret, so even guides or admins will not know about it :) Good luck finding the trail :)

New Projects

Excavator (Small) : Automatically digs 5 regalo artifact for you every 18 hours (Findable: Yes )

Excavator (Large) : Automatically digs 10 regalo artifact for you every 18 hours (Findable: Yes )

Shipyard: Neutral : Automatically builds random Neutral ships (Findable: No )

Shipyard: Kalzul : Automatically builds random Kalzul ships (Findable: No )

Shipyard: D.Marauder : Automatically builds random Dark Marauder ships (Findable: No )

DNA Restructure : Change to another race & retain your resources & planets (Findable: Yes )

Carnival : Commercial : Hold an empire wide carnival ! +100% commercial income (Findable: Yes )

Carnical : Agriculture : Hold an empire wide carnival ! +100% agriculture production (Findable: Yes )

Carnival : Industry : Hold an empire wide carnival ! +100% industry production (Findable: Yes )

Force Vassal : Forces an empire to be your vassal (Findable: Yes )

Plunder Planet : Allows you to plunder a specific number of planets in your System (Findable: Yes )

System Restructure : Allows you to reorganize the positions of all your planetary Systems (Findable: Yes )

Lost System I : Discovers a new planetary system of your choice. Max 10 system. (Findable: No )

Lost System II : Discovers a new planetary system of your choice. Max 10 system. (Findable: No )

Minister Bootca
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99+ day(s) ago
hey when it comes to finding the new projects does that mean you need certain artifacts ??
99+ day(s) ago
i do NOT understand what you said how is it findable or not??

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