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  Improve -new manual (beta)  

This is new manual (beta version)

You are welcome to go through the new version of manual(beta version).
You can give your idea in the empty page which is related to the title of the page.
Do not do any translation work. Just Go through all the contents of this manual.

Must read the instruction below:

Short description of page title:
Page `read' is to view the contents of about a particular title
Page `discuss' is to discuss about a particular title
Page `edit the page' is to edit the contents of a particular page
Page `revision' is the record about which page have been edited and waiting for approval.

If you are a guide:
1. Go to http://uc.gamestotal.com/wiki/i.cfm
2. You must sign in from the top right side at `login/create account'.
3. Create a new account or sign in an account which you do not have an admin level.
4. Go back to http://uc.gamestotal.com/wiki/i.cfm to continue.
5. Go to Game Manual > Unification Wars it's at the left menu bar and click at the link.
6. Go through the entire manual.
7. A list of menu will be display at your left menu bar.
8. Click on the title at the menu bar, the contents of the title will be display.
9. You can edit the page by clicking at the `edit this page' link. Before you edit the page, go to `Edit Notes' at the bottom of the page to read some info about how to edit the page.
10. Click at the `More info' link to read more info and it will be open in a new tab or new window.
11. Then, go back to the page to start editing any mistakes in the contents of the page and save it. To make it easier to check by admin, set that changes part to become italic font type. Example: [i]Italic[/i]
12. After save it, you need to wait for 60 seconds to continue edit another page.
13. You can review your changes in revision section. Click at `revision' link at the top of the page, it will display a list of links.
14. You can click at the title to review your changes.
15. Click at `List: Single' link to view edit details a particular title.
16. Click at `List: All' link to view edit details all the titles.
17. If you want to search who have made changes, you can go to `search: editor' link and fill in the title of the page or editor's name.
18. If you want to search who have approved the edited page, you can go to `search: admin' link and fill in the title of the page or admin's empire name.
19. If you have any problem, you can send PM to empire name: vivianch, game speed: Daily.

If you are public player:

1. Go to http://uc.gamestotal.com/wiki/i.cfm
2. You must sign in with your current account or creat
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