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Manage System

Planets in empires are organized into systems. Most empires have between one to seven systems. An empire will start off with one system and can build new systems as they expand. Having more systems gives certain advantages such as the ability to mine different kinds of minerals and higher defense bonuses for older systems. Each race has a limit to the number of systems it can create normally. To go over this limit, you will have to buy additional systems using donation points. Please note that you can not have more than ten systems in total even if you buy additional systems.

These planets below are images of the most common systems available in the game. Each system has certain advantages and disadvantages. Click on their names to view their details.

OrionRichSol TitanUrania

Navigation!To manage your systems, click on Command Menu : Manage Empire > Economy > Manage Planets. You will be able to see the amount of planets in each system (Figure 1), the type of mineral they can mine (Figure 2), and the amount of defense bonus they have (Figure 3).
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Figure 1 : Amount of planets in each system.
Manage System

System Bonuses
Each system has differing bonuses. These bonuses may affect commerce and tax income, population growth rate, agricultural yield, industrial and mining productivity, and military defense. These bonuses determine the usefulness of a particular system. These bonuses can be of mining, commerce or military advantages. Use these bonuses wisely to gain an advantage over other players.

Figure 2 : Minerals found in each system

The type of mineral each system can mine is randomly chosen when the system is created. There are seven types of minerals available: ore, Terran metal, red crystal, white crystal, rutile, composite, and strafez organism. Minerals are used to build ships while ore is used to power certain special projects.

Figure 3 : System defense bonus
System Defense

System Defense
There are two sources of defense bonuses: systems and projects. Systems give additional defense to all systems older than itself. The amount of system defense it contributes varies from system to system. The second source of system defense is applied to all systems through system defense projects. For example, if you activate a project which gives you 3% defense, all systems will receive an additional 3% defense.

In Figure 3, Eden M5 has an 8% defense bonus. 5% comes from Dark VK's bonus, and 3% comes from System Defense Project III. The lower down on the list (older) the system is, the higher the defense of that system. The uppermost (newest) system does not have any system defense unless you activate a System Defense Project.

System defense plays an important role in defending your empire. If you are willing to concentrate most of your planets on your home system, building Dark systems on top of your home system will result in a very high system defense in your home system, making it easier for you to defend your planets.

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