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You can access the in-game options by clicking on options in the upper right section of your screen. You can find the option button next to the Exit or Logout button.

Once you go into options, you will see four buttons.

Figure1 - Options Page

Clicking on the top one will redirect you to this page, which will allow you to edit your account options.

Figure2 - Game Account Options Page

Clicking on the second button allows you to download and activate the game client. (As a note, this feature is currently broken).

The third button allows you to place your account in vacation mode, which adds a designated amount of time to your damage protection counter. In vacation mode, you will not have any turns and you will not be able to access any of your projects or artifacts. If you set less than one week's worth of vacation mode, when your vacation mode protection expires, you will have one day without turns. You may opt to get out of vacation mode early, but doing so will cause you to have no turns for two days.

The fourth button allows you to restart your account. The ability to restart as another race is unlocked after you complete all of the Act I missions for the first time. Restarting will cause you to lose all your ore, raw materials, and minerals as well as 80% of your credits, food, and consumer goods. All of your projects, ships, technology, systems, and planets will also be reset. Restarting will not affect your empire statistics, infrastructure research levels, artifacts, ministers, and your vassals. Please note, however, that all infrastructure research gained through mission rewards will be removed upon restart.

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Last updated: 2012-07-09