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Ministers act as governors for your systems. Good Ministers increases productivity of your systems and/or increases the strength of all your ships found within that system during battles.

Ministers take up a lot of resources and time to improve their skills. Generally new ministers are less skillful compared to experienced ones. Empires can send their ministers for training to improve their skills.

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Bad Traits
New ministers generally start with a few bad traits. These bad traits range from those that are mere annoyance to traits that weaken your fleet or reduce income. Bad traits can be removed later by using skill points.

Improving Your Ministers
You can train your minister by investing Credits and Time (turns). Once your minister gains a sufficient amount of experience, you can level up your minister. This amount is shown as `Xp required to level up`. Each time your minister levels up, he/she will gain 1 skill point. These skill points can be used to add new traits or to improve/remove existing ones.

Players can invest maximum of $5 trillion at a time for training ministers, and the amount of XP gained is as follows.
Credit/turn to XP ratio:

1 million Credits = 50 XP
1 Turn = 40 XP

  • The maximum level for war-related traits is level 10.
  • The maximum level for economy and support traits is level 999.
  • Bad traits can not be upgraded

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Last updated: 2012-05-21