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Game Rules

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In-Game Rules & Guidelines


1. Don't cheat
2. Don't offend or harass other players.

Detailed Rules

The below is a detailed list of the common rules in the game.

Detailed Rules > Accounts > only one account per game speed

Having or using multiple accounts per game speed is subjected to deactivation of all related accounts.

If you are sharing the PC with another person refer to Share Pc Rules

Detailed Rules > Abuse > Hacking, scams

This will result in a permanent no-appeal blacklist

Hacking includes (but not limited to): injections (url/form/SQL/html/Js/Java/Xhtml), vulnerability scanner, kiddie script bots/macros, war-dialers, brute-hack, etc

Scams includes (but not limited to): ways to steal other player`s password/resources/accounts/real-money, etc

Detailed Rules > Cheating > Transfer of planets or resources

Definition: more than 3 instances of intentional transfer of planets or resources

This includes:
o Transferring minerals/resources over the market
o Gaining planets (via attack or exploration) then transferring planets to another player by letting another player win invasions
o Transferring ships intentionally to a Collective/Viral via ship-capture

o You can transfer resources via Tribute (in-game feature)

Detailed Rules > Cheating > Exploiting loopholes and or bugs within the system

Definition: triggering a bug (or loophole) more than 3x in a row for personal gain.

If you have found a bug or loophole you are required to report it under: Ask > Support > Problem , bugs or errors in the forum.

Common abuses:
o Intentionally going more than 10% above max PR cap (this includes attacking or defending)

Detailed Rules > Cheating > Inducing DP

DPing is definition: constantly (more than 3 DP induction in a row) hitting someone with almost no damage with full intentional to intended knock the target into Damage Protection

This includes:
1. Ask for or say you are waiting for damage protection.
2. Ask for an attack on a border system.
3. Use code words or phrases to indicate that you want or are waiting for damage protection

If you want to help your friend, get him/her to join your fed/vassal/lord and build reinforcements to help them, and even send tribute resources to them to help build their defenses. Do not resort to battle arranging.

Detailed Rules > Cheating > Bodyguard account.

Bodyguard account definition: an account that is created purely (have minimal development in terms of infra research, planets, ministers, etc) to protect another account by either posting reinforcements, or to use that account to help reduce a target`s reinforcements.

Detailed Rules > Abusive behavior (Chat, Private Message, Help Center)

1. Spamming
Definition: Multiple post (3 or most post) of the same or similar content within a single chat screen (right chat box in low graphics mode), posting unreadable content/code (please use English)

2. Advertisement or discussion of other games

3. Posting/Discussing of Sensitive or otherwise inappropriate subjects (ex: religion, politics, & drug use)

4. Offending, Harassing, and or insulting players

5. Discussion of adult topics, cursing, or otherwise inappropriate words

6. Using all Capital letters

Punishment for abusive behavior:

1st - 2nd Offense = warning
3rd Offense = Silence (You will not be able to post for 12 hours)

More than 3 Silence = ban
Last updated: 2013-12-14