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There are two kinds of diplomatic relations available to each player in this game, the lord/vassal relationship, and the fedmate relationship. Forming these relationships allow players to receive reinforcements from other players when attacked. Also, players will be able to tribute money and food to people they are related to at a reduced tax rate (25%).

Vassals and Lords are a complement to each other in terms of military reinforcement, financial aid and information. Vassals greatly aid lords in expanding their empire.

Navigation! To access your vassal information, go to Command Menu: Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Vassal. Figure 1 will be shown on Primary Display.

What are Vassals?
A lord can hold a retinue of vassals. Vassals can build reinforcements to help defend his/her lord. To do this, vassals can ships in their 'Outpost'.

Figure 1 : Reinforcements ready.
How to gain Vassals
There are two ways you can get vassals. A free way of getting vassals is to ask your friends to signup using your Vassal link. To get your Vassal link, click on Command Menu : Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Vassal. Your vassal link will look something like this
Figure 2 : You can find your Vassal link here.

The other way to get vassals is to approach another empire and ask them to accept your vassal invitation. The more planets an empire has the more honors it will require to make this empire your vassal. If the person accepts your vassal invitation then he/she will receive honors from you. To do this, go to Command Menu : Manage Empire > Military > Intel and search for an independant empire by viewing the target empire details and click on vassalize. This will prompt the system to send a vassal offer to that empire. Remember to send a private message to remind this empire of your offer. If you, on the other hand, wish to accept a vassalization offer, go to Diplomacy > Lord and click on accept. Command Menu : Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Lord page. You will need to pay honor equivilent to ten times the amount of planets your target empire has in order to create a vassalization offer.
Empire Level Your empire level is determined by the total population and planets that your empire and all your vassals have. Having a higher empire level unlocks more powerful projects which will allow you to expand your empire. The population and planets requirements are:

Figure 3: This is where you check your population and planets.
Level 1 : 0
Level 2 : 1,000
Level 3 : 5,000
Level 4 : 10,000
Level 5 : 50,000
Level 6 : 100,000
Level 7 : 500,000
Level 8 : 1,000,000
Level 9 : 5,000,000
Level 10 : 10,000,000
Level 11 : 50,000,000
Level 12 : 100,000,000
Level 13 : 500,000,000
Level 14 : 1,000,000,000
Level 15 : 5,000,000,000
Level 16 : 10,000,000,000

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Last updated: 2011-12-30