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There are three main modes of communication in this game: the help center (forum), the online chat, and the private message. The help center can be accessed by clicking on the "Help Center" button at the top of your game screen next to the "Manage Empire" button. The online chat can be found on the right side of the screen. (Specifically, on the bottom right for people playing on high graphics). The inbox for all private messages can be accessed by clicking on your empire name (on the status bar).

Click on the links below to have an idea of what goes where.
: Java Script or High graphics
: HTML or Low graphics

The Help Center
The help center is divided into many sections and functions as a forum.
  • General: Anything not against the rules can go here
  • Strategy: Discussion of game strategies goes here
  • Wanted: Place for bounties and trade offers.
  • Federation: A place for anything federation-related.
  • Public: Place where threads go which are created through "Ask." Most threads are hidden from public view.
  • Announcements: Place where general game announcements go.
  • Updates: Section for game update announcements. Only game staff members can create threads in the announcement and updates sections.
  • Bounty: Information regarding rewards offered to players for helping game staff (by writing missions, recruiting players, etc.)

    The help center has a search function that can be accessed by clicking on simple filter.

    If you experience any problems, have any questions, or have any suggestions to make, go to Ask and select the appropriate message type. A staff member will review your complaint or question within a few days, depending on the complexity of your situation.

    Figure 1:The Help Center "Ask" Screen

    The Chat System
    The current chat system integrates the Galactic Conquest (another online game by Gamestotal) and Unification Wars chat systems into one. If a player from Unification Wars makes a chat post, his name will appear as bluish-grey or yellow, and if a player from Galactic Conquest makes a chat post, his name will appear orange. For people on low graphics, to make a chat post, click on post, type in your message, and then confirm. For people on high graphics, simply enter your message into the box at the bottom of the chatbox and press the enter-key (or click on send). Due to lag, it may take up to fifteen seconds for your message to appear.

    The Private Message System
    You can send and receive private messages from players. All messages receive show up in your inbox. All the previews of unread messages will show as blue. All messages that show up as blue in your outbox have not yet been read by your recipient.

    Messages from players contains 3 small icons in the message detail:

    : Views the empire detail of the sender.
    :Adds the sender to your ignore list.
    : Adds the sender to your friends list.

    There are several ways of sending private messages. If you click on the send button, you will see a screen similar to Figure 2. Enter the empire name in the field next to Send to, select game speed of the receiver and write the message to the receiver. Finally, click the `Send` button to send the private message. You can also send private messages by searching a player up on intel and then clicking on "contact." A PM box will appear which will allow you to type a message to that player.

    Figure 2:A PM Box

  • Last updated: 2012-05-10