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There are many artifacts scattered across the universe. Artifacts can be obtained through excavations, through other artifacts, or through missions. Some artifacts are beneficial while others are dangerous. These artifacts can be used on any player and thus can be used to damage or aid other players.

Excavation for artifacts can be performed in the manage planet screen as shown below. What you find depends on the number of turns used at a time, your minister, the time of day, and many other factors.

Figure 1: Excavating for artifacts

Navigation!Artifacts can be accessed at Command Menu: Manage Empire > Science > Artifact. A list of artifacts will be shown on the Primary Display.
Hi-GraphicLow graphics

To use an artifact, click on the artifacts you wish to use, then click on the "Confirm Use" button. If you want to use artifacts on other empires, type in the target empire name in the space to the left of the "Confirm Use" button.

Figure 3: List of artifacts available in your empire. Figure 4: Details of each artifact.

Note that you can combine artifacts in the Capsule Lab project to make more powerful artifacts out of less useful ones.

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Last updated: 2012-05-10