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Notes: Spacefed is our old website name (2003 to 2004)

Comments from players (2005-12-15)

You made one of the best games I ever played, I’ve been there since 2003 and I’m still as addicted like in the beginning J. Thx for making such a great game and thx to you I met Stella. We will meet once again I hope soon enough in Malaysia when I go back with Stella J. See you then and thank you again.
- Kevin and Stella (married to another player !!!)

hi stephen. SF has helped me to make some new friends and later talking to them helped me get through some hard times. thanx for the great games and merry xmas.
- BrvMghtyWlvs

i tried this game out prolly when the game first started n wasnt impressed. Then bout 2 1/2 yrs later i come back, dont ask how i remembered the site, and everything has expanded n grown so much, and the alien races have grown so much in depth with each of their own unique qualities n styles. I myself have changed from terran, to collective, to a miner, and finally upgrading to the paid account to find out i love guard. AWESOME job with the game
- overpower

hmm last month was my 2nd year anniversary on SF
- quaint

yes stephen...iv only been playin for about 7 months..but im so addicted now...awesome game...
- memorex

Yeah stephen. go have ur well deserved honeymoon. i for one have played this game about the same time u made it. lol. it has been a long time. i cant believe how many hours this game has consumed from my life. (id say 1000++)
- Linkinpark

i only started a few mths back and im hooked.....the wife has other idea`s....and my excuse for loosing planets are my two kids fighting and my dinner being served up after work! I`ve been trying a lot of online games in the last 2-3 weeks and this game is always linked number 1 for me. y? coz of u lotout there...whether its people in my fed or outside....u make me laugh...u give me tips...u kick my ass!...thats what this game is about isnt it? have fun? Stephen...thanks for the game....
- Connexus4

hooray for lasting 3 years!
- bomocho

thanks alot :)
- LostvLand

GC overall is a great game and I appreciate it greatly!
- HoneyBucket-[HH]

I`ve been playing UC for 2 years, started playing GC/RT 2 months ago, played 3700AD for about 4 months just under a year ago.. Played Ancient worlds with fastionation for about 3 weeks 2 months ago.. and.. I still much prefer UC. Over 2 years i`ve been playing UC.. i need a gf.. lol
- Zonite

The game is a blast! I play GC and really enjoy it. Thanks for all the work and Merry Christmas!
- starseeker

Thank you for everything ^_^ Next time when i am back to M`sia, lets go to eat the Ipoh Hor Fun n Nga Choi Kai. ^_^
- EvilDora

Thankyou for making such a fantastic platform for our enjoyment. Part of the enjoyment i get from the game comes from seeing it constantly evolve into something better, even when I sometimes think it has gone as far as it could. In the same way as when I first started, I thought 1 billion $ was alot. Its great that you enjoy it so much and I look forward to playing it for a long time.
- Silver

you should know that there are only 2 games I have ever played that have ever held my attention for more than a few weeks. Freelancer is one (hence my name). GC is the other.
- Kusari

Thanks for the game
- MaxHeadroom

GC has affected me nearing ( 1 month to go ) 3 of my birthdays :P ive spent about 10 hours avrage a day playing your game since i started and have tried to quit a hell of alot , you have stolen my life using your game , personally *Fluffy thinks you have brainwashed him
- Fluffy

Thanks for the stuff and I plan to keep playing...
- slavver

Comments taken (2005-10-12)

This is an awsome game. The goal is to become the strongest empire in the galaxy, which is done though a lot of battling and exploring. This also requires you to have a strong source of income, which can be taxing your populations, income off the commercial infrastructure on your planets, producing consumer goods and selling them to other empires, or selling minerals needed to build ships. You can also join a fed, there are different servers based on how often you play the game, and even an IRC channel! 9.7/10
- Tsularesque

This game is just too addictive. I started to play for more than one year, and since then, i never stopped playing.
- ic3m4n

I"ve tried many online games from graphics based to text based.A friend bugged me for 14 days straight over his MSN to try this one and I remember thinking, ok i'll go there have a look and then find one I will actually like, it will keep him quiet. Now here I am almost one year later (in 14 days will be a year) and i'm truly addicted to this game.
- PandoraLives

Stephen is really good, to be able to make an extensive Sapce game, to where you can go out, and talk to others, explore for new planets, and research forever.
- cypherclone

I love this game alot! it has to be the best available ever. The game comes many features such as research, attacks, counter attacks, federations, missions, exploration and much more. I love this game because you can be different races and what not. I give this online game my fullest recommendation. It has to be the best game ever.
- vadersreturn_tda

its a great game speacially if you got a lot of free time cause if you don´t have you probably end up playing it at all the time =) great community there
- DarckKnight

Great game with all the elements and game creators that still care....
- QuietDad

This game is wonderful. It provides politics, player interaction, Role-playing, and strategy. Your empire sticks with you for as long as you like, so you get really attached and easily addicted.
- Lambentation

Spacefed is a great game because of the very varied gameplay you find within the game.
- mozzie

This is a pretty neat game. I've been playing it for a few months and am not tired of it yet. I've played other free online games, and the biggest problem with the ones I've tried is that there is limited strategy involved, and a lot of repetitive clicking. Not this game. I like the game for several reasons. First of all, it's pretty balanced and well organized. There is lots of strategy involved with attacking other players, and different strategies work better for different races. There is no single race that can destroy everything else. If you get bored of one of the many races, you can always try a different one. Also, there are 5 different servers to choose from, so people who like to log in a lot will play against similar players, and if you only want to log in once a week or so, then there is a server for that too.
- dedzy

The best browser based strategy game out there at the moment. I've playing this one for almost a year now, and that's saying alot considering that I get bored with most games after a couple of a weeks. Very well thought game engine, lot's of options to explore, but still not that complicated to start playing. Actually it's kinda like chess, easy to learn but hard to master. And what makes people keep going back for more.
- automaton

Ive played allot of online games like Unification wars but non of them measure up to Unification wars. With endless fun and competitive play, as well as an understanding and very talented staff this game is undoubtably the best. I cant stop playing this game.
- TuBMk2

this is the best online game i have ever played. and best of all its free it has a great community that will help get you started. it is very challenging and will really immerse you into the game's story. play it with your friends or make new friends there.
- communists

I have spent alot of time playing this game, and I never really get tired of playing. There are alot different things you can do with your empire, and the staff and stephen are very helpful.
- wingnut

tI've been playing for quite a while now and its by far one of the best turn based stratigy games I've played. It has many different races, each with its own special ability and wide ship selection. It has Federations or 'clans' to fight in large groups and back up your friends. The staff is very friendly and the game is updated frequently. This game just keeps growing and I have a feeling it has a long way more to go.
- TheCreeper

his game is great:-) making friends, making enemies. there are endless ways of building up your empire and several different alien races with there on uniqure abilites and ships :-)
- spartan118

This game is the most addicting and fun game i've ever played.I've played moderen day militia,shadowops,KOR and many others,but this game you can play for hours and not even realize you played for hours.I strongly recommond to anyone to play this game because once start its very hard to stop.
- Isreal

Unification wars is an excellent game - It's a game where you get to research stuff, and make your empire grow by different means each time. Excellent ship balancing, and it's ecellent. I've been playing for nearly a month now, and i'm already on the highscores... i will continue supporting Spacefed: Unification Wars.
- watever

One of the best games ever!!!!
- supermastah

I love this game! It has an awesome battle system, the gameplay, the people, and the admins! =D It combines strategy, with gaming wit, and other aspects of an mmorpg =D I love it ^_~ Thanks out to stephen for an awesome game.
- Nerveya

I give Unification Wars a 4/5. It's a great game with many features. A few of these include: a long list of projects to invest in, a complex infrastructure system, federation (clan) options, 3 free races and 3 paid, a diverse ships selection, and a life like supply and demand market system for selling and purchasing resources. The races all have their own advantages and disadvantages. If a player doesn't want to be combat oriented, he can be fiscally oriented and make money to invest in the market and develop his projects, such as the century temple. The battling system is very developed. There are five attack types which all have different results. The most common one, for instance, would be the "invasion" attack type which steals planets from the defender when the attacker wins. You are not always vulnerable to these attacks, however, because an excellent damage protection system is in place. This system puts an empire into damage protection (cannot be attacked) after it has been attacked 5 times consecutively without building ships. This protection lasts for 30 hours.These are an outline of just a few of the game's features, and there are many more to be discovered by the player. I would recommend anyone that's interested in text based strategy games to play this game.
- MagnusDeus

I am playing this game and I find it really addictive, you might find it a bit hard to understand at the start but its really fun when you get to know it!A really brilliant idea which fuses the ideas of governmental organisation, economic affairs, military issues and diplomatic stances.
- nibiew

There is no better game to be found online than Unification Wars, even if you pay for them, as far as Web based games go, this is the cream of the crop, the social atmosphere adds elements to the game sadly lacking in others, a must play for every single person
- BoingMan

My name's Glactico202, on Spacefed im Galactica202. Anyway, this game rox. It really does. Or else why would 60000 people be playing it? It is really fun, the idea and the Gameplay, Plus you meet loads of cool people and the Admins are nice too.
- Galactica202

Unification Wars by is the greatest online game i have ever played. I have now played the game for over a year and play it numerous amounts of hours per day. I think the latest update is great aswell as the new client, it makes playing the game alot more enjoyable. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone :) I hope you are to enjoy it as much as i have.
- SteUC

If you like strategy games, micro management, and being in a comfortable online game enviroment you will LOVE this game. It is very easy to learn, with many ways and choices for building your empire. You can choose from different races, different types of ships, and you set your own reseach plans for your people. There are online game monitors to keep it clean and help out with the tough questions. Even without them, the community of long time players tend to help as much as they can. The more people that play the bigger the Universe becomes. Try this you will love it
- Jabber

This game wasbornas a hobby and has been transform bit by bit ina fairly good massive multiplayer game success. Ihave tested for 20 years games since apple I and commodore 64 I still have in my house a working commodore 128, It is not perfect but is a great game. I give them a favorable review they have work altmost without resources they deserve success.
- zorbakm1

I have the most fun just ticking other people of playing this one, new java script client is starting to rock as well. This one is definately worth trying out.
- ripper

UC has too be one of the very best online games there is out there! different time servers for people who can't play all day. research So much tech! . Explore and Steal planets, dig for artifacts, make alliances with people and crush anyone that annoys you. Loads of different races each with own ships and abilites, capture other ships with collective and vrial or become masters of the Market by digging and selling minerals for High prices. or theres always good old terran who are a nie all round race. plunder planets for money, combine planets. do alsmot ANYTHING you want! this is a great game i would ahev have recomended it too all my friends!
- Highmount

I have been playing SpaceFed since Dec '04. I started in Galactic Conquest but moved to Unification Wars as the creator was making a major upgrade to UC. The game is very entertaining and addictive. The battle encounters as you work your way up in the ranks is just a part of the overall experience. There is research to do, ministers to hire and train, artifacts to dig and explore for, planet systems to manage, materials and minerals to collect, federations of friends to become engaged with, and a host of other options to keep you busy. And, last but not least, there is an online chat where people become freinds from around the world. This feature allows for a real life feeling when you begin to interact with other players in realtime.
- Ksnip

By far the best game I have found on the net. Easy to start, with lots of players willing to give advice on the friendly chat. But also great lastabilty. Recomend everyone tries this one!!
- Meeble

This is an awsome game in pretty much every aspect. The goal of the spacefed games are to try to have the most powerful empire in the game, which involves a lot of battling and the need to have a strong source of income, as well as the knowledge of stacking (arranging various numbers of different ships so the weakness of one is balanced by another). I'd suggest this game to everyone who enjoys any kind of MMO. It's all interactive, there are no computer characters, you can join a federation (clan), and so on. 9.5/10
- Tsularesque

i would recommend everyone to play :)
- thekillaknight

its one of the best and most addictive online game i have ever played. it has a great online community and a good staff that always do there best to help the players out.
- SevenOfNine

I have played this game straight for a year now, and I have loved every second of it. There are many different ways to play this game; there are many different races to choose from and many different types of ships to build. You can also create a federation with your friends and try to become the most pwerful players in the universe!
- Mastermind

This game is excellent a far cry from the original Unification. The graphics are excellent and the ongoing upgrading and increasing of detail is great for the game to continue improving. The only downside is the Client which to download is 35mb in size which will take forever on a 56k modem.
- Leviathan

This game is awesome! I've been playing non-stop for over a year and Unification never ceases to bore me! The reason for this is because of the many functions you have access to. I love going up high in power in hopes of becoming the strongest empire in the galaxy, and I also love making massive ammounts of money. There are many different alien races to choose from, and many ways of making money. I highly reccomend this game to anyone who wants to have fun for years.
- Overlord

It simply rules...
- Firecracker

UC is a war based game,It can be a little difficult at first to start off with but there are a lot of ppl there to help u start and advise, as well as many feds/clans which can give u an advantage with defencives and surport. on top of this there is also a number of good races u can choose with there own indevidual ships and unique qulities, but to be honest i good go on for ages about this game, bet the best way to find out, is to join ur self, and like many im sure u will find it very addictive and have lots of fun, but all i will say is like any new game, just be patiant and if u get stuck all confused there are plenty of ppl willing to help
- Pestilence

I have been playing for almost 2 years now...
- CloudCity[CC]

It is an ongoing game that chages with every players choices. I get to build an empire and watch it grow based on what i do. It is a fun game.
- whitewolves

This is a good text based game! I have played on the other servers(GT/RT) for almost 2 years now and uc/rt for half a year
- sunnykill

I think this has me more addicted to it than crack. this is better than all those games whereby you have to buy em and pay to play. this game is 1337. This is the best!!!
- Linkinpark

spacefed is the best game to this date that some1 has made. I strongly suggest if u haven't signed up u should so now. thousands of people have signed up to it, it just shows how good the game is and how people are talking about it and it is spreading
- galacticarmies

i have been playing this game everydae for almost 2yrs and i still find it current and well done with its constant upgrading..
i will continue to support this game..
- Utonian

spacefed is a incredibly addictive online game that can bring you into its own reality. the players are very friendly and help out where and when they can, and the comunity is amazing. i myself have played the game for around one and a half to two years, and am planning on playing it for a very long time. its always being updated with new and interesting ideas, most of which come from the players themselfs. therefore the game is created with the players in mind. a very good online game with amazing possibilitys
- guardianrevenge

this game has come along way from where it started. game play never gets dull. you can do almost anything with your empire and it doesnt take forever as some games take to get into the high ranks of experienced players. the game is ever changing and being updated with new options. this keeps game play fresh and exiciting..i give it two thumbs and one big toe up...
- scampy1

This has to be the MOST addicting game ever. Find the right race for you, then figure out what to do with that race and how to make the most money with the race. You have research, economy and of course military to manage. Find the right "Federation" (Clan) to join and you will make some awesome friends.
- cputek2k

I have played this game for quite a few months. It is easy to learn, there are in-game guides who answer any questions you may have, and it is fun.
- rangar

I have been playing this game for 140 days now and I have to admit that it is the best game I have ever played online. Unfortunately you need to give the game a chance and play for more than a few hours before it really becomes good. The tutorial system is brilliant. I have already donated to the game, the administators do such a good job at it they deserve to be supported. The game comes in a few different variations of turns. I currently play Real-Time which generates 1 turn every 8 seconds.
- loathi

It is to my opinon the many people who play spacefed don't give it a chance and leave after a few hours. i however have been playing it for over 2 yrs now and love the game. In the game u must make money by useing turns (or game days).There are different servers in which you can play, realt time which gives you 1 turn per 8 seconds, normal which gives you 1 turn per 30 mins or slow shich gives you 1 turn per 15 mins. This game is not like any other web site game.
- piperrepip

Comments taken (2004-05-07)

This is one of the best games I have ever played. It has kept me playing for a long time.
- Dustin

This is one of the best online games i have ever played. Check it out.
- AlphaCentauri

Recomended, Give thsi game a try. Might not be to everyone's taste but not bad at all
- Ariolander

the very best game i know
- bruno_silva0

Fun, free, turn-based, space conquest game with several playing speeds and races. Fairly easy to play.
- NeonRkt

an excellent game.unlike most it only takes a few seconds to build things not a few hours.join the RT server.Its great!
- Samih

Great game, good graphics and concept
- Suraj Subramanian

Great game! I couln't stop playing even at work!!
- Chosen1

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