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Ferrigno   ( uc-Real Time Marauder #1298497 )

Holy Vengeance (Federation)
Members: mistic, dannsa, contcania, Lostworld, ORRIOON, Kokolores, ChaoticxInvader, Golfer13081, V4Victory, Tboy, Road54, Aidering, KaevurMati, Denniizzz, Farout, vanessa, weaponrice, Ferrigno, YinTian, ThunderRats

Duration: 11,771 minutes or 196 hour(s)
Started on 10:49 AM 4 Mar 2011, Lasted until 3:00 PM 12 Mar 2011

Thank you message

i would like to thank my fed :) each member had their part to help. many people went without sleep, and stayed up so they could keep an eye on my OM. i am VERY thankful! and could not have done it without them!

special thanks to V4Victory for his countless hours and even more patience, and much much OP/ Vanessa for her wisdom, and my prayers for quick recovery/ Denniizz for his concern of my OM's wellbeing/ dannsa for his friendship and sharp eye/ Farout for his patience during his computer problems but still supported me, and my best wishes that he gets OM soon.

also, i would like to thank my MANY MANY GOOD GOOD friends that supported me during my OM. much kindness was shown to me by the people of UCW and i look forward to continue to help to support and assist everyone in enjoying this great game for a long long time! :) i def play this game too much, but wouldnt change it for the world! i have made friends, encouraged, and been encouraged by so many people. i guess until i get a girlfriend, il keep being addicted to this great game.

and i would like to thank Stephen and the rest of the Staff (G's/A's) for keeping this game going and for their patience and kindness. i know money is being made from this game and its paying players, but i have gotten so much more from this game and you kind folks, than the meaningless money that i have put into it :) cause friends lasts longer than money, and in real life, everyone has some form of struggles. i cannot mention certain things here in public on this game..... but if you like me as a person any at all, it is not because i am a nice guy, or i had good parents (though i did) but it is because i have been forgiven, and no matter what happens in real life, i know i am taken care of, and i look forward to continuing being an encouragement and help to all i come into contact with ^_^

have a wonderful day! and thanks so much for reading my long post :P feel free to pm me anytime, about the game, or life. i try to be someone that is always a good listener :)

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