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vanessa   ( uc-Real Time Guardian #1996335 )

Holy Vengeance (Federation)
Members: mistic, Road54, Farout, tenth, V4Victory, Kokolores, contcania, Ferrigno, Golfer13081, dannsa, Tboy, Lostworld, Denniizzz, ORRIOON, ChaoticxInvader, Aidering, weaponrice, vanessa, YinTian, ThunderRats

Duration: 15,865 minutes or 264 hour(s)
Started on 10:24 AM 13 Feb 2011, Lasted until 10:49 AM 24 Feb 2011

Thank you message

Thanks to all in holy vengeance who allowed my overmind to happen with out teamwork and the loyalty i have found here it could not have been possible. special thanks goes out to v4victory, road54, and dannsa who built my overmind in less than 10 minutest o 200bil pr and to all my fedmates that stayed up long seemingly endless hours to cover me. we are and always will be the number one federation! We took this overmind away from vg federation after thier epic cheating and abuse of the uc players and like all hv overminds will be from mineto the future, we DID POSITIVES. We support the players and refused to abuse them as have some federations in the past. This was my second over mind and it would have not been possible in a federation with less active supportive kind players. No where will you finda more close nit group of people to call a family than hv. I am proud of each and every one of them and am honored to call them my family. god bless to all on game who trusted us enough to hold this overmind!!! special thanks also goes out to my friends in soi and my personal btc suppy man thunderrats and also special thanks goes out toadam who supplied btc forthe build also thats twice now hes enabled me to do a overmind.

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