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TOU > Our Games > Game Guidelines

Game > Guidelines > Why ?

Guidelines are to ensure a friendly and happy environment for all players. Please follow the rules of the game which apply to all aspects of the game (including game play, conversing with other players, and all other activities) to allow the most enjoyable experience for all of those involved.

Game > Guidelines > Summary

1. Dont cheat
2. Only 1 account per game speed
3. Dont offend or harass other players

Game > Guidelines > Cheating

Wikipedia Definition: Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one`s own interest, and often at the expense of others

Our Definition: Cheating is a way to by-pass fair play of the game to gain an unfair advantage for one self.

Example of cheating:
1. Using someone`s* account to induce DP
2. Using someone`s* account to gain planets or resources
3. Purposely transfer ownership* of planets to avoid counters
4. Constantly annoy or irritate other players
5. Harass other players
6. Exploiting a loophole or bug in the system for personal* gain
7. Transferring minerals via the market.
8. Exploiting known rules for your personal* gain

* also applies to members of your Fed/Guild or same accounts on same PC/IP
^ Detailed explanation of terms below

Game > Guidelines > Things to remember

1. No one wins all the time (average ratio is 20-40% win ratio)
2 Like in real-life this game has its ups and downs. If you lose a lot of battles / resources, dont lose heart just build up again, everyone goes through rough patches, it is those who stick around that get stronger.

Game > Guidelines > Chat/Forum/PM/Help Center

1. Dont spam : posting long characters, junk, posting same message multiple times, ads/selling/marketing/promotion of anything not related to Gamestotal
2. Do not touch or bring up hate, sensitive or inappropriate topics (ex: religions, politics, sexual preferences, or anything that can start a flame war / mass argument)
3. Do not offend, harass, make fun of other players
4. No cursing or swearing, we put in a filter to avoid players `accidentally swear` therefore if you bypass the filter to swear this means you are doing it on purpose (ex: typing in s.w.e.a.r if swear is filtered). Also do not play with the filter on purpose to figure out what words is filtered.
5. No yelling. Completely capitalized words are considered yelling.
6. No posting of rubbish. Ex: copy and paste what you see in the game to the chat (paraphrase if you wish to bring up a battle or market posting). Do not use non-standard characters.
7. No posting long strings (do not post lots of numbers/letters without spaces) or stretching the forum/pm/chat. Links of any kind, or words wider than the width of the chat, must be broken up so that they do not stretch the chat.
8. Only type in English on the public chat, if you wish to type in another language you may do so via PM. Do not use any secret code (just use PM).

This is a happy place, so anything that disturbs the peace that includes starting flame, hate or `bad` trends. The admin`s duty is to silence everything who starts & participate in such manner. If at any time you arent happy with being silenced or if you believe you have been wrongfully silenced or warned then report it at `Help Center > Ask/Post > Silencing`. Any player who continues to disturb the peace on the chat by complaining or flaming any Guide, Admin or other players, will result with a deactivation of his/her account.

Game > Guidelines > Breaking the guidelines

First of all dont be `bad`. We have a track record (something similar to a credit history) that keeps tracks of all your `bad` behaviors. Depending on your track record your account can be deactivated for extended amount of time or blacklisted forever. Admins generally wish for `bad` players to turn a new leaf and to behave (ex: vulgar player to stop swearing on public chat).

Admins generally follows the follow steps if a player breaks our Guidelines:

Bad Behavior:
o 1st offense : Warning - You will receive a warning on being offensive or cheating. Players who do not listen to warnings will get silenced or deactivated.
o 2nd offense : Silence - You cannot post any messages in private message or public chat for the next couple of hours (4-12 hours). Silencing cannot be undone even by admins.
o 3rd offense : Punishment - Depending on case to case basis you may receive some form of punishment which includes: turn suspension (0 turns for x days) , x days account deactivation , force-reset your account , etc
o 4th offense : Deactivation - Your account will be temporary deactivated until any outstanding issues has been resolved. Your duty is to post an appeal, and to help resolve the issue. The appeal is generally meant to show that you understand the situation you are in, and that any further abuse will lead to being blacklisted.
o 5th offense : Blacklist - `bad` players that continues to behave badly will be barred from all our games & services. Admins will continue to blacklist any new accounts you create.

o 1st offense : Warning
o 2nd offense : Punishment
o 3rd offense : Blacklist

Multiple-accounts or fake accounts
o 1st offense : Deactivation
o 2nd offense : Blacklist

Blacklist : The following items will cause your account to be permanently blacklisted (no appeals or warning will be given):
o Attempting to hack, payment fraud, scams (ex: includes to scam other players, attempting to steal passwords, get-rich schemes), etc

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