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  Where are we heading to  

All non-essential servers & services will be taken offline
Donation, admin, guide support will be offline as well
Only uc.gamestotal.com will be functional

Short Version

The sun rises and sets, sadly it is time for GC and UC to be laid to rest.
When: Target End of the year , might be sooner

Will update

Long Version


I started working on GC in Dec 2000, on the 15th February 2001 the first GC server is up, and in July 2001 is when the first version of UC server is up. It took another 2 years of constant updates to get it to the level that most players know.

I step back from the operations of GC and UC sometime in the year 2006 mainly due to the conflict from me versus players and admin regards to the content and items that should be in, and shouldnt be in game updates.

Since then I have given free reign to the admins, and root to wolf after that so that the admins can work and update on the game in the best way that they could. Sadly there isnt much notice-able changes or updates that i can observe even years after root has been given.

What gives?

The sun rises and will surely sets each and every day, as the seasons surely change and the tide goes in surely goes out out, my little sand castle that I have build (GC+UC) and spent so much time and love into it with great sadness it is time for me to leave the beach, and to leave this sandcastle to the tides and to the setting of the sun.

I do understand the difficulty of spending hours on a hobby that is more akin to unpaid volunteer work , as we all know how precious and limited the hours in a day that we have, for work, family, friends and hobby or volunteering work.

I have been funding for the servers for years, regardless of my involvement in the game. I am doing this because i believe the game is by the community for the community, and this is me doing my part. Due to the lack of interest, and low usage, I will be discontinue funding for the server maintenance.

I would like specially thank Treg the first admin and Rutger the first participant for our ‘open source game project, made and run by the players’. Also to Goldstein owner of Shizmoo for working with us, to bring in over 300 millions visitors to our game.

I have noticed that some old players have went off to set up their own GC/UC servers, while I will refrain from commenting I hope that they will at the very least put a simple thank you note some where like `Created by Stephen Yong in 2001`.

Those who wish to contact me, or post comments, or keep in touch may do so via:
Stephen FB Page = https://FB.com/stephen.yong.gamestotal

Finally our FB Page = https://FB.com/uc.gamestotal/
This is mostly created for the FB login feature. Sorry I wasnt around t
99+ day(s) ago
Sad by the news. I played the game mostly when it had 200-300 players on average RT and it was great.
To me this was one of the best browser sci-fi games ever made with a lot of original ideas.
I believe the abundance of free MMORPG like LOL/PUB/Fortnite etc. hit very hard the browser games.
99+ day(s) ago

I had never interacted with you personally but I`m deeply saddened by such unfortunate news.

I started the game way back before 2005 where it`s the era when you get instant dp once you got out of 5k PR. Though i wasn`t very active back then, the game grown on me over the next decades where I invested countless hours into the game & discover my Niche.

I`m glad that the skillset I`ve learnt within the game has helped me countless of time IRL.

Hence, I would like to show my appreciation & thank you for creating such a wonderful game, it`s a pity over the years this game has decreased in popularity but GC always have a special place in my heart.

To the admins whoever you`re, Thank you too for the effort & time spent on this game.

99+ day(s) ago
It`s been fun. Laters :)
99+ day(s) ago
@ all
The second part of my post has been edited to enhance my own appreciation, I cannot express enough my gratitude towards all those who have kept the game alive all these years.

We sincerely appreciate your sentiments :)

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-29
99+ day(s) ago
@ Stephen
I`m so sorry to hear about the decision to stop uc&gc.
I just hope that some solution can be found for the original game/s to go on.
P.S. When you said you will take offline the admin services, I had hoped you have finally freed us/ yourself (be it so late).

@ best former admin team
We always knew that Stephen gave root to "so that the admins can work and update on the game".
Thanks for keeping the game alive for nearly 10 years with no assistance, compensation, or useful input from the people who stood to benefit the most for the game being alive for as long as it was. I appreciate all your efforts.

I appreciate your sentiment friend :)

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-28
99+ day(s) ago
Sorry to see the end... 20 years trying for lvl 16.... Thank you :)
99+ day(s) ago
thx stephen
99+ day(s) ago
LevelX , Anyone who knows me knows that I will refrain from commenting on most things that includes any issues topics related to wolf , theft, cheat, etc. I can not confirm or deny, nor comment on any of this issue. The reason for the discontinued is `Due to the lack of interest, and low usage`. We had 600-800 people back then, now when I login it is 1 (only me), so.... kinda explain itself there.
99+ day(s) ago
Herp derp

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-28
99+ day(s) ago
Herp derp

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-28
99+ day(s) ago
I`m sorry to see that things turned out this way (Stephen did not know about the As cheating and the theft). In a sense if the thieves would have told the truth (and Stephen would have indeed not cared), it would have been far less dramatic.
Good thing the bad guys have been put down.

Perhaps you didn`t notice Stephen saying he gave badwolf root access to his server. The fact you believe any theft occurred is unbelievably amusing.

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-26
99+ day(s) ago
the game was great . its just sad how it didn`t last - i don`t think there need to be negative .. it would be good to end on a positive note
99+ day(s) ago
*Kick for vulgarities again ; sigh , kinda sad. If anyone ask why I , Stephen left the game... this harassment , vulgarities and flame kinda explains things.

Edited by stephen on 2020-06-25
99+ day(s) ago
*Kick/Ban for vulgarities + flame, forget how friendly some can be on the Forum

Sorry been too long since I last post. This is the reminder of the obvious.

Anyone: Vulgar, Flame, Annoying, Whine
On: This game, FB, YouTube, etc

Will kick/ban you, report for ban, silence, etc
If you flame me in FB, will report you to FB for FB to kick/ban you. IF you flame me in YouTube, will report you to YouTube to kick/ban you.

Act as an adult, be civil, no vulgarities, no flame. If you cant do not post.

Edited by stephen on 2020-06-25
99+ day(s) ago
Thanks for creating such lovely game~ Adios
99+ day(s) ago
Removed for useless flame :)

Edited by GhostofJ on 2020-06-26
99+ day(s) ago
? um what

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