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The Story

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The Story

The year is 11,000 AD - 1000 years after the collapse of the United World Council (UWC).
The UWC governed the universe, keeping law and order to provide a safe place to live for all races. Alliances and agreements were made to keep peace and harmony in the universe. Forces from systems around the universe stood together in unity to enforce universal tranquility. Back then, the universe was comprised of empires from all known races. Conflicts were minor and were always settled diplomatically and peacefully.

Everything was perfect...
Then, it all fell apart. A few powerful empires who were overcome by their greed for power and wealth began to attack their weaker neighbors. All attempts at diplomacy failed. The UWC's fleets were left with no choice but to force these rogue empires called the "Belligerents" to retreat to the outer reaches of the universe. Enraged by their forced isolation, the Belligerents banded together and plotted their revenge. They realized that universal peace had caused many empires to let down their defenses, making them easy prey. The only thing that stood between them and their ambition was the UWC. There was a short calm while the Belligerents secretly developed powerful fleets and weapons.

Then it came like a storm. The Belligerents launched waves of attacks and destroyed the UWC's fleet one by one. After a long series of bloody conflicts, they emerged as the victors, but no sooner had they achieved triumph, they turned on each other and fought among themselves.
With the fall of the UWC, all intelligent life forms in the universe slowly became enslaved by greed and lust for power. War between various factions and empires ensued and even peace loving empires were forced to fight for their survival.

A millennium has past. Many battles and wars have been fought between empires and bloodshed was rampant. A new universal government called the Galactic Council was formed by the survivors of the UWC but it lacked the power to bring back peace to the war-torn universe. Recently, an ancient prophecy has been discovered; a great empire will emerge to reunite the universe and reinstate peace and the harmony. An ancient prophecy foretells the coming of an Ultimate Empire which will come forward and unite all the shattered empires throughout the universe. To reinstate peace and harmony to all the galaxies, one empire must reunite all the others and emerge as the new master of the universe. The war for unification has begun.

Last updated: 2012-03-29