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There are three main kinds of research: infrastructural research, ship technology research, and projects research.

Infrastructural Research
You can increase your empire's economical efficiency by researching infrastructure blueprints. There are five different kinds of blueprints which affect one of the five areas of the economy: housing, commercial, agriculture, industry, and mining. These blueprints can be researched repeatedly, and each new level increases your economy's efficiency by 10%.

Figure 1: Research screen.Figure 2: Begin research


Research can be accessed via Command Menu: Manage Empire > Science > Research; Figure 1 will then be shown on the Primary Display. To begin research, click on the blueprint you wish to research and Figure 2 will appear on the Secondary Display (for low graphics, Figure 2 will show up on the Primary Display instead). Enter the amount of turns you want to use and click on the "Start Research !" button.

Hi-GraphicLow graphic

Ship Technology
At first, there are very few ships that you can build. In order to build stronger and more advanced ships, you will need to research the blueprints to build those ships. Some ships ('neutral ships') can be built by all races when researched, but all other ships are race-specific.

Remember that the more ships you have, the more advantages you will have against other players because you will have access to a wide variety of ships to build. It is a good idea to unlocking all of your ships before you come out of Newbie Protection as other players will be able to attack you.

Projects Research
The third type of research is projects research. Completing researches of this kind will unlock new projects for you to use. Once unlocked, these projects can offer you a variety of benefits such as free planets, access to hiring ministers, and so forth. After completing the research for a project, you will need to go to the "Projects" page under "Science" to activate it. For some projects, you will then need to invest additional credits and/or turns to build the project. Click on the name of the project to access it. Once ready, you will be able to activate the project.

Figure 3 : Available Projects.

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Last updated: 2012-03-29