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Figure 1 : JavaScript interface layout
Navigation Layout

As shown in the Figure 1, there are five main layouts (highlighted):

Command Menu (Highlighted in yellow)
Command Menu is where most of your sub commands will be. You will use this section whenever you want to manage your planets, build fleets, or get help from admins, guides, or other players.

Figure 2: Economy Command Menu
: Manage Empire > Economy > Manage Planets
: Manage Empire > Economy > Market

Figure 3: Science Command Menu
: Manage Empire > Science > Research
: Manage Empire > Science > Event
: Manage Empire > Science > Project
: Manage Empire > Science > Artifact

Figure 4: Military Command Menu
: Manage Empire > Military > Fleet
: Manage Empire > Military > Records
: Manage Empire > Military > Intel
: Manage Empire > Military > Rank

Figure 5: Military Command Menu
: Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Lord
: Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Vassal
: Manage Empire > Diplomacy > Federation (Clan)

Primary Display
The Left Display is the main player interface. Most commands are executed through this display.

Secondary Display
The Right Display is the secondary player interface. A few commands are executed through here such as planet assignments, research and sabotage.

Status Bar
This is where you can find summarized information about your empire. It shows your empire's credits $ (used to access income details), food, PR (used to view empire events), turns (used to access your turn storage settings) and empire name (used to go to your private message inbox).

Online Chat System
The Online Chat System allows players from any GamesTotal game to chat with each other. Players' names are color coded for easy identification. Posts from players from the same game you are on show as yellow and posts from other GameTotal games show as orange.

Last updated: 2012-03-29